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Buried In The Stacks by Allison Brook - Book Review

BURIED IN THE STACKS by Allison Brook is the third installment of the Haunted Library Mystery series.

Carrie Singleton recently moved to a small Connecticut town, and has a job at the Clover Ridge Library as the head of programs and events. Her new life has changed her in more ways than she expected. She has even developed a supernatural friendship with the ghost of Evelyn Havers, a former library employee.

When quarrelsome Dorothy Hawkins, the research librarian is badly injured, Carrie pays her a visit at the hospital. Despite their rivalry past, Dorothy confides in Carrie that she suspects her husband, Fred, may have tried to kill her. But when Carrie later tries to discuss the accusations, Dorothy simply blames it on the meds. However, not long after, Dorothy is killed in a car crash. Driven by guilt and Evelyn’s haunting pleas, who also happens to be Dorothy’s aunt, Carrie decides to investigate.

Meanwhile, Clover Ridge Library is unsettled with altercations when several of the town’s homeless individuals take shelter during the cold winter days. As a result, a group of residents come together to renovate a house as a day-program for the homeless community, and Carrie volunteers to help. But, suspicions become reality when Carrie finds there is another motive behind the Haven House project.

As events unfold, questions arise behind Evelyn’s presumed accidental death, as it may be tied to Dorothy’s murder and Haven House….And to add to the events, Smoky Joe, Carrie’s cat who spends his days at the library could be in danger of excessive weight gain and potential cat-napping!

___________________________________SPOILER ALERT___________________________________

The author presents the reader with several narratives throughout the story. She also touches upon an important issue with respect to the homeless community, and the conflicts they face as they seek shelter and medical attention.

I found Carrie’s character unrelatable and dependent on others to get things done for her. She lives in a cottage, in a manor owned by her boyfriend, where someone cleans, does her laundry, shovels the snow, and installs a security system for her safety. Her dependency extends well into her sleuthing tactics, where she relies on Evelyn to spy for her, and would get upset when Evelyn held back. Carrie came across as an accidental sleuth, who happens to stumble on facts. The book was lengthy with repetitive facts, while Carrie admittedly had no clue who dunnit! Dorothy and Evelyn’s murderer seeks her out, not the other way around.

Even with respect to the homeless matter, Carrie relies on her great-uncle who happens to be vacationing in Florida, to resolve arising issues with the homeless individuals and save Haven House.

Perhaps I would have found the story more engaging if: (1) Carrie uses her library research access to help solve the mystery (2) Carrie’s supernatural abilities develop beyond seeing Evelyn’s ghost. An encounter with Dorothy’s spirit would have definitely added an interesting narrative to the story!

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