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Brewed Awakening, A Coffeehouse Mystery by Cleo Coyle - Review

BREWED AWAKENIG by Cleo Coyle, is the eighteenth installment in the Coffeehouse Mystery.

Clare Cosi wakes up to find herself on a park bench and has no recollection how she got there. She makes her way back to Madame’s (her mother-in-law) coffee house in NYC, only to find out that she has she been missing for several days and is perhaps the sole witness to a crime scene. BUT, what’s worse is that she has lost her memory for the past 15 years.

Confused and disoriented by all that surrounds her, Claire tries to piece her memory together – but not without the help of her family and friends. She must reacquaint herself with her now-grown daughter; learn to trust her ex-husband, Matteo; and re-discover her love for detective Mike Quinn, her fiancé.

As events unfold, Clare is no longer recognized as a credible witness, but as a suspect in the kidnapping of Parkview Palace hotel heiress Annette Brewster! In hopes of clearing her name and regaining her memory back, she will work closely with Mike to solve the mystery of Annette’s disappearance.

This is my first read in the series. With many cozy mysteries, I’m usually able to pick-up on culprit early on, but this one had me guessing.

Cleo Coyle is a pseudonym for a collaborative effort by 2 authors - a married couple. Coyle has a different approach towards cozy mysteries. I appreciate the research in writing a story and their inspiration from real-life cases and places. The characters are well developed and most importantly a fun read. Although, I’m not sure how the previous installments were written, this one was written from several narratives, so the reader gets different character perspectives, mostly of Clare’s, but also of Madame and Mike’s.

If you enjoy, a cozy, caffeinated mystery mixed with fun recipes, then you should definitely pick this one off the shelf. I will definitely start the series from the beginning

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